TID Consulting Services brings over 25 years of service excellence in software development and implementation, working with companies that run the gamut from large multinationals like IBM and Lenovo, to managing projects and deploying software solutions for organizations across multiple industries in the small and medium business segment, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our approach involves immersive consulting to understand our clients’ unique needs, gathering data, assessing your IT platforms and ecosystems, and designing and deploying solutions that are aligned with your specific organizational needs.  TID Consulting Services provides a programmatic approach to implement systems improvements and processes that result in optimized, streamlined business operations.

We manage projects from launch through implementation, leading your company and your teams through every phase of your IT projects.

Whether your company needs a basic infrastructure, a website with fully functional e-commerce, networking, a CRM system to track your sales and marketing initiatives, or enhancements to your general business operations, our solutions mitigate errors, reduce inefficiencies, significantly lower your overhead and operational costs by automating processes, and most importantly, deliver true value and increased ROI by aligning all deliverables with client goals, KPIs and timelines.