What is QuoHotel?

QuoHotel is a comprehensive management software for hotel businesses which allows you to control all your business areas in an integrated way: from Online Sales, Booking Engine or PMS to Financial Management, including POS, Purchases, Halls and Events, Spas and Wellness, Golf, Time Sharing, etc.

Key features:
  • Experience: More than 600 hotels and 40 chains establishments, besides an experience that exceeds 20 years.
  • Integration:  The Property Management System (PMS) and ERP integrated for hotels and hotel chainsbased on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), will provide you a real-time and comprehensive view of what is happening on your establishment with a single tool.
  • Adaptability: All hotel business areas are covered by QuoHotel: Online Sales, Booking Engine, Reception, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Points of Sale, etc.
  • Architecture: QuoHotel can be adapted to each one of the software architecture requirements in a hotel business: centralized, distributed or mixed.
  • Integrated with Office Software: QuoHotel benefits from Microsoft Dynamics NAV total integration with other Microsoft products, so the Information can be imported from or exported to Word, Excel or from/to any other solution compatible with Microsoft, keeping its source format and integrity.
QuoHotel for Marketing

QuoHotel for Marketing is a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based multidevice and multiplatform tool fully integrated with QuoHotel, that eases marketing actions (campaigns, mailings, surveys, etc.) creation and execution. Areas included in QuoHotel for Marketing:

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